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IvmaiAsn ASN1/ECN/XDR Tools


A collection of the ASN.1/ECN parser, XDR-to-ASN.1 converter and pretty-printer scripts for ASN.1/ECN specifications. Contains also a formal definition of the ASN.1 built-in types, ECN encoding classes and XDR encoding rules.

Includes a comprehensive list of the ASN.1 normative documents and a collection of the web resources.


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The major goals of this project are:

Usage guidelines

The pretty-printer for ASN.1 and ECN:

The editor syntax highlighting support for ASN.1 and ECN:

Notes for the pretty-printer and syntax highlighter support:

Guidelines for building the ASN.1/ECN parser manually (that is, without running the supplied build.xml file):

Notes for the XDR-to-ASN1 converter:

Notes for "IvmaiAsn-ECN-CLASS" and "IvmaiAsn-USEFUL" ASN.1 modules:

asn2002s information and usage

This program is developed for quick syntax checking of data specifications written in the ASN.1 and/or ECN descriptive languages (strictly the version of year 2002 with Amendment 1). To learn about the ASN.1 (Abstract Syntax Notation One), see ITU-T X.680 .. X.683 documents. To learn about the ECN (Encoding Control Notation), see ITU-T X.692 document.

To do syntax checking, You should run this program with one or more arguments specifying the names of the input files containing the data specifications You need to check (You may also use wildcards to specify a group of files). If no syntax error is found (in every of the specified files supplied for checking) then the program just prints 'Ok' message and exits. Otherwise, the program stops at the first file containing one or more errors, and shows the list of these found errors together with their line numbers.

Program features: strict syntax checking for conformance with the ASN.1 and ECN standards; extremely fast (since it is built on LL(1) parser); every file (every ASN.1 or EDM, or ELM module) is checked independently on the others; the program is free for use. Disadvantage: the semantic errors are not checked by this program.


The following acronyms are in use:

List of files

The official binary distributive files contain:

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See the Bibliography page.

Web resources

See the Web resources page.

For more links, please visit "Java and C/C++ developer web resources" hosted on the JCGO project (a java2c/java2exe solution) site.

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